Garden work trousers &apron overalls Protective clothing for workers

Garden work trousers &apron overalls Protective clothing for workers

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Product Description

 Mowing apron

 IntroductionCutting grass, cutting and irrigation garden machinery protection apron,weeding, grid work apron, made of mesh fabric with good permeability, to prevent hot, comfortable work, can simply take off the belt buckle. Garden overalls work trousers Protective clothing for workers. lawn mowing apron, garden machinery labor protection supplies, high-grade thickened fabrics, work apron, work comfortable, belt buckle wear off simple.

Features: simple belt buckle at waist, adjustable apron size by winding belt,with belt buckle, adjustable apron size, waterproof, made of mesh fabric with good air permeability, also very comfortable in high temperature, elastic polyester fiber, belt-pants apron, with zipper pocket, easy to use. Use Velcro to wear and take off easily, also can be used in the following occasions: doing farm work: carried out waterproof treatment, even with soil can be easily washed. Completely wrapped to the ankle, anti-splashing, suitable for car washing and other work.

Use Caution: This product does not have air permeability, so in high temperature or sports clothes inside condensation, not heat-resistant, so please pay attention not to touch the stove, campfire, cigarettes and other high-temperature fire source, repeated washing may make waterproof treatment failure, washed in a cool ventilated place to dry, can not be washed with dark-colored clothes, do not pile up after washing, please dry immediately.

Belt adjustment method:  belt, shoulder strap, free size, length about 108cm/pants length about 70cm 

Material: 100% polyester (resin layer)

Size: free adjustment

Payment Details︰ T/T

Min Order︰ 1 PC

Ship Date︰ 35DAYS

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