We major produce and export: 

1.Plant Protection Machinery: High clearance self-propelled sprayer, blower sprayer/air-assisted, Crawler self-propelled boom sprayer,  Hand sprayer,Power sprayer,Electric sprayer,Mist duster.

2.Cleaning machines:Engine blower&Vaccum,snow thrower and blower.

3.Safety and protection equipments:Knee pad,knee guard,Safety helmet,Face mask ,Dust mask,Helmet,Protective Goggle,entotic,glove ,respirator,.

4.Garden Machinery:brush cutter,grass trimmer,lawn mower,.Hedge Trimmer,Olive Shaker,Tree puncher, water pump and generator.

5.General gasoline and diesel engine : gasoline engines,diesel engines,Outboard engine, Motorboat.

6.Truck dumper, Mini wheel transporter, Skid steer loader series.

7.Small construction machines: Tamping Rammer,Knapper,Power Trowel,Concrete Cutter,Plate Compactor, Brick Saw,Earth Auger series.

8.Railway maitenance equipments:Road roller, Railway bolt lubrication, Rail Head Grinding Machine,Breaker, tamper, impact wrench.


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